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Property Project

August 2022 update

Application process suspended for new applications.


The town centre has a wealth of heritage assets including many listed

buildings situated within the Conservation Area. An external assessment

of the front of buildings has been completed; this identifies the works

required to individual buildings to help preserve the historic frontages and

improve the appearance.  


The grant programme to encourage, and part fund, a programme of owner

led repairs to the historic shopfronts and buildings in the town centre has

now closed. This project will provide:


  • Support for remedial works required by the historic building


  • Initially fund up to a maximum of 70% of the cost of identified high

level or urgent work

  • Fund up to 50% of other  works

  • Maximum grant, £6k per property

  • A maximum of two award per recipient in respect of individual



Where owners have multiple properties, grants will be prioritised towards those propertied requiring:

1. urgent works

2. high level works

3. other work


Funds are specifically to support identified improvements and will be

awarded against a programme of costed works based on quotes from two

independent (without connection) contractors. Grants are released on

satisfactory completion of works, on production of receipted invoices and

after inspection.

The grant programme ran from April 2022 to July 2022. Works are to be

fully completed and all claims made by 28 February 2023. Grants can be

used for residential as well as commercial properties


The grant programme opened with an initial call for applications in April

2022, the option will remain open for two months for priority buildings

identified as requiring urgent works and high level work.

If an owner has multiple properties, the total funding award will not exceed

£12k (equivalent to two maximum funding awards). Funds will be prioritised

to those buildings requiring urgent and high level works ahead of other


Application process suspended for new applications.

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