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Public Realm

Not currently progressing, the proposals will be passed to the new Somerset Council to be considered for future delivery after funding opportunities are explored. 



Project background

One of the projects is the enhancement of the town centre’s public realm (how the area will look and be used); the public realm improvement schemes will make the town centre feel more attractive for residents, businesses and visitors; they will help improve public perceptions, support existing businesses by encouraging people to visit and stay longer which all helps to create a vibrant town.

Wincanton town centre enjoys an abundance of attractive heritage buildings; improvements to public spaces, footways and road layouts will enhance the attractiveness of the overall town centre environment where much of the infrastructure is very dated and has been unchanged for decades.



Design revisions which Somerset County Council Highways are reviewing:

Market Place PDF                                                                          Central High Street and Carrington Way PDF

The town centre strategy identified possible locations for public realm improvements and outline design were developed for the locations which formed the basis for a public consultation in late Spring 2021.


The public consultation provided valuable input into the next design stage which is prepared in liaison with Somerset County Council who, as the Highway Authority, must approve the schemes before they can be implemented.  The focus is on bringing forward those schemes which bring the most benefit and can be delivered in the available budget. Designs for the following locations have been advanced through the technical design phase and subject to the necessary approvals should go into construction in Autumn 2022, with an anticipated build period of six months.

  • Market Place

  • Carrington Way

  • Central High Street


May 2021

Market layout.png
CHS layout - May 221024_2.jpg

August 2022 update

May 2022 update

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